Group Travel: 10 Reasons Why It’s a Great Idea 

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Vacation season is upon us, and we all want to make the most of our precious time away. Whether you’re going to a hot destination or heading into the cold, it’s nice to share these experiences with others! So what better way to head off on your travels than with a new community of friends? Let us introduce you to group travel.

What is group travel, we hear you ask?

“Group travel is an organized multi-day adventure to a destination with a group of like-minded travelers who are booked on the same trip.”

A group tour is for the savvy traveler who wants an authentic experience of a country. They want great value for money and everything to be organized but still have their own time in the best spots. Does this sound like you? Then keep on reading for our 10 reasons why you should hop on the group travel train!

We believe a group tour is a fantastic way to explore the world, meet amazing people, see hidden gems that you wouldn’t find on your own, and authentically experience your destination. With the ease of booking your place on a tour that fits your needs, you’re ready to travel within minutes.

If you’re still not convinced, let us inspire you with our 10 favorite reasons why group travel is a great idea for your vacation. 

1. Amazing Value for Money

A women hiking on a group travel trip

When booking a group trip, you’re getting much more for your money. Not only do you have all your accommodations and many meals included, but you also get guided tours, excursions, and activities included, depending on the level of service and inclusions.

And don’t forget the bonus of an expert tour guide throughout your trip. What a way to save money!

As well as some fantastic activities included, you only need a deposit payment to secure your place on the trip and are offered optional additional activities at group rates as well. What a way to get bang for your buck!

A group tour allows you to budget your spending money and know exactly what you’re getting on your trip, which means you can have a pot of cash just for those extra fun experiences. 

No more overspending on holiday, just making memories with an awesome bunch of new friends.

2. Organized to Perfection

A compass showing you the way

Have you ever been on holiday and thought the trip hasn’t gone to plan? Have you missed transfers or double-booked accommodations? Or that it’s simply not the holiday you expected or wanted?

With group tours, there is no more wondering when transfers will turn up, where your accommodations are, or where you will be eating next!

It’s organized perfectly; all you have to do is pack your bags and you’re met with delicious local food, fantastic drivers with loads of insider knowledge, and lovely accommodations for restful nights before your next adventure.

Sounds perfect, right? We knew you would fall in love with group travel like we have!

3. Still Plenty of Free Time at the Best Spots

Hiking on a group travel trip

Going on an adventure together doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time together (although you might want to, especially as you get to know your fellow travelers!) 

Group travel carefully factors in free time for extra adventuring, city exploration, local dining at a delicious cafe, or visiting that historical site you loved again. 

You can do this together with your fellow friends, or just take some time to venture on your own; the flexibility is there to make sure your holiday is perfect for you.

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4. Meet an Amazing Community of Travelers

An image of a group enjoying their holiday

Group travel is the perfect way to meet people who share your same passions and interests, and even to benefit from the differences amongst us.

These people often become some of your best friends, and you’ll create memories with them that will last a lifetime. On group holidays, there is always a sense of togetherness. 

You might be thinking that a group tour is just for young people or for those who travel solo, but group trips cater to all kinds of travelers. From families, couples, friends, and even over 50’s groups, there really is something for everyone.

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5. Get off The Beaten Track

An image of people hiking through the mountains

One of the best things about group travel is that you get to explore further off the beaten track than you likely might on your own. With a group of like-minded travelers, you’re able to venture down those little alleyways that only the locals know about. 

You’ll be able to find authentic experiences, unique food, and experience life the way locals do.

You’ll be surprised at how much group travel will take you away from the typical tourist traps and show you the real side of a destination.

6. Enjoy a Local and Authentic Trip

A picture of a local floating market

When traveling in a group, you get to see everything through the lens of a local. Group travel focuses on showing you the heart of a destination by working with local people and companies to give back to the community in which you’re traveling.

With a group tour, not only do you get to see all the amazing sights that a destination has to offer, but you also get to learn about other cultures, food, and ways of life. This is what makes group travel so special and unique.


Here at 1000 Treks, we endeavor to minimize our footprint and leave only a positive mark on our travel destination. We support the local community and do our bit to give back! Not every travel company follows a similar ethos, but with whomever you choose to travel, we hope you join us on our mission to make a positive impact!

{ Learn more about what we do at 1000 treks }

7. Experienced Tour Guides

An image of white water rafting as part of a group travel holiday

One of the best things about group travel is having an experienced tour guide with you. These wonderful guides have a lot of insider knowledge about the destination to which you’re traveling.

They can show you around like no one else! They know all the best spots for food, hikes, and sightseeing, and really help make your trip unforgettable.

With a strong sense of safety and a lot of laughs along the way, they make the trip special for you and your new travel buddies.

Here at 1000 Treks, we use our wonderful company guides to take you around the destination. We also hire local guides in the area so they can show off their home and give us real insider knowledge and experience, going that extra mile to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime.

{ Meet some of our guides at 1000 treks }

8. Helping Reduce your Environmental Impact When you Travel

A image of someone kayaking abroad

As explorers, when we travel, we all want to do our part to minimize the impact we’re having on the environment. Fantastic things that are included in your group travel may already be benefiting the environment without you even knowing.

Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Home Stays and Local Hotels:

Staying with local families not only gives you fantastic insight into how people live in the area, but it benefits the family by providing them with money through tourism. You’re sharing resources, too, using local products puts money back into the area you’re exploring. 

Not only is it great for the planet, but it’s also a beautiful night’s accommodation for you. Our tours don’t include many homestays, but we often aim to stay at local and boutique hotels that are part of the financial ecosystem of the local economy.

Sharing Transport Reduces Carbon Emissions:

Using shared transportation rather than a private transfer is very common in group travel. It allows you to support the local companies that provide the transport and reduce the emissions by taking one form of transportation rather than many different types.

Group Travel is Adventurous:

Depending on the type of group trip, most have a brilliant focus on sea and land adventures that are often powered by you.

Whether you’re hiking Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Kenya, ziplining through the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru, or kayaking Abel Tasman in New Zealand, you’re using physical activity within nature as your mode of tourism. This is a wonderful way to help offset your carbon footprint.

Group travel is a great way to see the world and have a positive impact on not only yourself directly but those you come in contact with, fellow travelers and local communities, as well as the planet!

9. Staying Safe While Traveling

An image of friends looking at the sunset

Traveling can be a bit intimidating when you’re on a solo adventure. Being part of a group offers friends who can support you in exploring foreign lands and navigating geographical, language, and cultural barriers.

Additionally, having a group guide (as either a local or guide from your tour company, or both) with you gives you the confidence to know you’re in safe hands when you push yourself out of your comfort zone. Your guide is there to keep you safe, as well as show you all the secret spots of your travel destination.

10. Choose the Perfect Trip for You!

An image of group on a 1000Treks adventure

One of the best things about group travel is having choices when it comes to picking the right trip for you. Whether you’re looking to explore the wonders of South America, trek through the Arctic on a polar bear expedition, or scuba dive the islands of Tahiti, there is most certainly a group travel holiday waiting for you.

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You can find group trips that cater to all age ranges. Whether you’re taking on solo travel or traveling as a small group of friends, you can choose a trip based on interests, abilities, fitness levels, and budget. 

With so many to choose from, you deserve to make the move…it’s time to get looking now for your next trip!

That’s it for now. We hope you loved this blog and feel ready to take on group travel with its myriad benefits. 

Can you tell we love to travel together? We are passionate about delivering inspiring and bespoke group trips that create memories lasting a lifetime. Now that you love the idea of group travel as much as we do, check out our upcoming treks and join us one of these days. 

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