10 Travel Apps You Need for Every Adventure

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When it comes to planning a great vacation, you want to make sure that you have all the right tools at your disposal. That’s where travel apps come in!

And, thanks to technology, there are now a number of fantastic travel apps available that can help make your trip go smoothly. Keep on reading to find out our favorite free travel apps that will make your vacation amazing.

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Do you ever need a hand with packing your suitcase? Want to see the latest reviews of a restaurant before you travel?

Then you will probably turn to the apps on your phone. With information at our fingertips, it makes for easy research on what you need to know.

Believe it or not, there is usually a travel app for every need. From translation to budgeting to toilet finders, you’re never short of information that you can access from your phone.

The question is, how do you decide which apps are the best ones? Well, look no further than this blog as we dive into the best free travel apps for your next adventure. Let’s get started:

1. Google Translate

Google Translate's logo

Logo courtesy of Google Translate

Google Translate is a free app that allows you to translate any language. The reason why this app is so good, in our opinion, is you can save languages offline, making it mobile data efficient. 

As well as typing in phrases or words to translate, you can also use the camera on your phone to scan the language you want to translate. All this from the comfort of your phone!

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This brilliant translation app is free on iOS and Android, making it easy to download on most phones.

We use this as our go-to app when we want to unpick a restaurant menu, read a street sign, or have a go at speaking the local language.

In our opinion, this is one of the most helpful travel apps.

2. Maps.me

Maps.me logo
Logo courtesy of Maps.me

This travel app offers a community of people who share information on routes around a city. Maps.me is an app that has thousands of routes in a multitude of cities. Think of it as google maps but with additional help from fellow travelers. 

Anyone can input their own routes, walks, and activities into the app, as do the creators of maps.me. The creators regulate the app to ensure the information is correct. 

You can download offline maps allowing you to save an area to your phone, making it easy to use as satellite navigation. Or, you can choose to follow a walking route that one of their many users has inputted (great for getting off the beaten track, traveling like a local!).

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A guy in nature on his phone

You can download it on most mobile phones as it is available for free on iOS and Android.

This is the alternative to Google Maps and has become extremely popular for its user-friendly approach.

3. Pack Point

Image courtesy of Pack Point

This intelligent app creates personalized packing lists for you prior to your adventure.

Pack point tells you what you need to pack based on your length of travel, activities, and the weather at your destination.

This app is a great starting place when it comes to creating a list, all it needs are basic guidelines. Packing is personalized to you, your airline baggage allowance, and needs abroad.

An image of a camera, map and bag

This app is a great way to remember all your trip essentials and offers a great innovative option when it comes to packing.

It’s available on Android and iOS, making it a great free choice if you need a little extra help.


Tripadvisor's logo
Image courtesy of Tripadvisor

We have all heard of this app before. Tripadvisor has taken the world by storm for its reviews on pretty much everything.

They have stood the test of time, offering reviews of restaurants, hotels, and companies. The reviews come from the public who use these facilities.

Tripadvisor’s app offers a one-stop shop for reviews when you’re abroad. All it takes is a couple of clicks to find out the best restaurant in your area.

It offers photos, maps, menus, and reviews of the place you’re searching for. 

An image of friends at a resturant

Anyone can review on Tripadvisor, so take their reviews lightly. Our advice is to look at the most recent reviews, this will give you the latest perspective on the place you’re thinking of visiting.

You might have to do a little detective work now and again, but it’s a great way to get a general review of your chosen place.

5. Culture Trip

Culture trip's logo

Image courtesy of Culture Trip

Culture Trip is an app that offers your own personal guide in your pocket. They have many go-to guides for the best tourist hot spots all over the world.

They offer articles, podcasts, and videos that have useful information on your chosen destination.

From food to entertainment to heritage and culture, this handy app is very useful for solo travel, or if you have some free time you just want to fill.

This holiday app also offers local attractions for international travelers, making it a great go-to if you want to find what’s best to do in the local area.

An image of two women in Kyoto

This app is available on iOS and Android and is free to use and download.

It does use your data! We would recommend downloading articles offline so you avoid those nasty data roaming charges.

6. XE Currency

XE Currency logo

Image courtesy of XE Currency

XE Currency is a user-friendly app to exchange and send money in different currencies. They say they exchange 65 currencies with over 170 countries…now that’s a lot!

There are a lot of other currency apps out there such as Revolut and Wise that offer similar options. However, XE currency has hit the news recently for having better exchange rates and it’s free!

A map of the world with money in different currencys

7. Flush

Flush's logo
Image courtesy of Flush

Flush is an app to locate toilets. You may giggle at this one, but how many times have you struggled to find a toilet abroad? We definitely have!

This handy app lists local toilets in your area (public and private) and has reviews on the cleanliness, area, and facilities.

A group of friends hiking

Available on both Android and iOS, you will never struggle to find a toilet again!

8. WhatsApp

WhatsApp logo

Image courtesy of WhatsApp

Now if you haven’t heard of WhatsApp, we will be surprised. The original messaging app is perfect for any trip abroad. Using mobile data and wifi, it’s an easy free way to connect with friends and family abroad.

No more large charges for texts and phone calls, when you’re on wifi, WhatsApp is free to use. A great way to keep in contact with people back home and your new friends abroad.

A women in nature on her phone

If you haven’t got this app, definitely get it now!

9. Splitwise

Splitwise logo
Image courtesy of Splitwise

New to the app scene, Splitwise helps people all over the world split their bills.

We have all been there, arguing over who is paying for that pizza at a restaurant. Or you have been trying to get back the money someone owes you from those sunset cocktails on the beach for ages!

Splitwise takes away the pain of splitting the bill. If a group needs to share the cost of a particular bill, Splitwise ensures that anyone who pays is reimbursed the correct amount and with a minimal number of transactions.

A meal at a resturant

This app is perfect for group travel. It makes splitting bills super easy. 

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10. AllTrails

AllTrails logo
Image courtesy of AllTrails

Last but not least is AllTrails. This travel app is brilliant for hiking enthusiasts. When you’re on vacation it’s great to do a little exercise, whether you want to hike mountains or enjoy a stroll around a beautiful area, AllTrails has you covered.

This app has a huge variety of hikes and walks all over the world. With great features that allow you to select an area and filter your level of difficulty, it is your personal hiking guide.

An image of friends hiking

This travel app is really useful if you have a spare day abroad that you need to fill. It shows other users’ reviews so you can decide if it’s the hike for you.

You can download the maps offline so you can head off into the wilderness for an adventure with your map at your fingertips.

It’s free to download for the basic app, however you can upgrade to the pro version if you want to unlock the extra features!

There you have it, those are our favorite travel apps so far this year. Now, who wants to go on vacation to use them? We do! Hope to see you on an adventure with us soon!

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